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Q. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relates to the practice of improving & advertising a web site in order to boost the number of quality visitors the site receives from various search engines.

Q. How is SEO useful?

SEO helps make your website findable, helps you build your presence on other websites to get additional referral visits to your website, helps analyze and refine your website content and finally helps you convert visitors to leads or buyers.

Q. Do you know the stages in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Keyword Analysis - Keywords are classified as the visitor attractions of the website. Keyword Analysis needs to be an important thing to care of every website. Content - Written content is a "King" to every website. As soon as the website content should be quality it is easy to attractive visitors. Link Building - Link Building are the next step process to do in SEO. Here i will discuss two concepts involved they can be outbound as well as inbound links. Links will help the website get a better page rank in search engines. Links needs to be high quality and natural links. Search Engine submission - Submit your websites to quality search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Meta Tags - Meta tags would be the essential strategy to do within the Search engine optimization process. Appropriate titles, keywords, descriptions only make the site search engine-optimized.

Q. What are SEO Tools?

Google Adwords Keyword or Niche research tool is widely known and easy to use keyword or niche research method.We've expert those who have been doing keyword research through this simple tool from last Couple of years. They understand all the basics of it. It can make the complex market and keyword research work simple to perform.

Competition Analysis - Mejestic SEO : Mejestic SEO is definitely the leading Competition Analysis tool available for sale today. Top search professional companies use them as trusted method to analysis the competition in the business, and we are extremely pleased to be among them. Several of the features available with them are bulk back-link checker, access to the link profile fight, comparator along with keyword checker. It includes packages to accommodate the demands of our customers.

Good Analytics- Visitors Tracking : Google Analytics is important for businesses looking to focus and value their incoming traffic and prospective buyers. Good Analytics gives you analysis which is unparalleled in its detailing. By examining the incoming source of traffic and keyword queries we set customer goals and based on them we check how our work is being valued by various search engines. We already have expert people who have spent hours on GA in improving their skills and output.

Good Adwords- PPC : Google is the biggest Internet giant. And when we talk about PPC, Google Adwords takes the spot #1. We have adwords certified professionals working for your PPC campaigns. As of now we say PPC, it means PPC Campaigns through Google Adwords. We've expert persons who know their stuff. They assist you beginning the first campaign, establishing different advertisements, planning geographical locations according to your company and much more.

SERP Book- Rank Tracking : SERP Book is a software application to give up-to-date ranking and positions throughout the major search engines. Each of our clients would like to see ranking at the different level of the project and we could not have checked ranking manually for each of them, therefore we use SERP Book as our back-end tool to test and compare your rankings for keywords. It gives you reports in graphs and other easy to understand formats. So our clients get track of how effective his campaign is happening around!

HootSuite - Social Media : We create customized face book pages, linkedin Company pages and Google+ pages for all of our customers. Our customers would like to use those social profiles to show their existing content through their blogs. They need to also see the weekly /monthly insight from those social pages. We make use of HootSuite as the medium to do the work for them. We setup their specific account and allow them freedom to see everything with complete transparency. Hootsuit allows us to to monitor different metrics on those social profiles.

Q. Exactly how much does SEO Cost?

This can be the first question many small business owners ask me and it is perfectly normal to know in advance and before making a decision how much will SEO cost your company. For getting straight into the point, there are actually 3 different pricing models with regards to buying SEO services:
1) Hourly
2) For each project
3) Per month

SEO Services per Hour : Hourly is easily the most popular prices plan. You have to pay the Search engine optimization Company or Search engine optimization consultant a set rate each hour. What usually happens is that you simply make a contract well before the activities to be performed plus the estimated hours needed and by the end of every month (or project) you are given a report with the details and the actual number of hours worked. After this you have to process payment in accordance with the agreed hourly rate.

Q. What is the range for hourly rates?

The range for the SEO services rate goes from $20 hourly to $200 hourly. This massive difference depends on several factors, a little are discussed below:
Region - According to different studies SEO services in Australia costs more (on average) than buying SEO services from a USA, UK , India firm. Size of the company - The bigger the company the more money you will pay for SEO Obviously you will find always exceptions towards the above rules. For instance our hourly rate right now is $30 and we offer SEO and Internet marketing services for small and medium businesses (see details below as to why we can offer lower prices).
SEO Services For each project
This differs from the per-hour prices plan. You agree with the SEO firm a standard price for the project as a whole regardless of the hours spends. Usually there is a 30% down payment and the rest in predefined milestones (i.e. completion of campaign, go live for a redesigned website etc.). This process may also be better in situations where you are not sure how many hours are needed for a given task and it is also preferable for budgeting purposes.
Monthly Services Most profitable SEO campaigns expand over one month so one of the best solutions is to agree on a monthly charge. The most common monthly range is $100 -$1500. This is also our most popular package and what most of our clients prefer especially those located in the US.

Q. What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links from other websites to your website.

Q. How to get in touch with Seoservices24x7?

It is easy to get touch with us by filling our Contact Us form. Otherwise in case your requirement is extremely urgent, you are able to give us a call anytime.

Q. What are the main services you (Seoservices24x7) provide?

We provide you with all types of internet marketing services including SEO, Social Media Optimization, Website design along with Development, Web analytics, Content Marketing, Link Building, Video Marketing Infographic Creation and Promotion etc. We already have experienced website developers so you don't need to go anywhere.

Q.How could I find the best SEO/SMO service provider?

When you make your mind up to go in for a SEO/SMO service agency, you might want to first find out if your site is search engine compatible. Seoservices24x7 supplies the best SEO/SMO services and they really co-operate with their clients. We use white HAT SEO methods that are customized to your business needs that will target areas to make the difference in terms of traffic and rankings, in most cases faster than other Search engine optimization companies.

Q. Do you offer any Guaranteed Pack?

Yes we offer you Guaranteed Pack which makes you in Top Position in Google Search Engine within specific duration time.

Q. Will I get my reports?

Yes we will send the report once the work get completed. They are in excel/txt format reports where you get all the links built split by tiers.

Q. What is your refund guarantee?

We are going to issue 100% refunds in case we fail to deliver the report in given time. No Question asked.

Q. Do you accept adult or gambling sites?

NO. We don't accept these kinds of sites.

Q. Will I get the sample report?

Yes as per your requirement we can send you the sample report. Just fill the contact us form and we will send it.

Q. How do I make payment?

You have to make payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

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